Start Monitoring with Ease

Unpack your Govee box and check whether all items are intact. Then simply place in the batteries and begin to monitor your home conditions with this gizmo.

Two setup ways meet your needs for different place installations. Stand it upright on the table with a bracket provided or mount it on the wall. Comes with a hole on the back, the meter enables to mount it wherever you like easily.

Open the Govee Home app after downloading it. Tap “+” icon in the top right corner and just follow on-screen instructions to add the smart meter. From then on, it’s such a breeze to remotely monitor your home temperature and humidity.

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer









Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer

Precise Readings Keep Peace of Mind

With built-in Swiss-made SHT30 sensor, it provides accurate monitoring that you can trust. The temperature is accurate to ±0.5℉ and the humidity is ±3%RH. Highly accurate monitoring offers you a chance to stay the self-organized terrarium system in a proper environment.

Plus, up to 2s responsive speed always show you the latest readings. Thus timely adjustment for air comfort can be taken. No doubt that your mini succulents will grow up healthily with such careful protection.

Technical Specs


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity Accuracy

0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F)

Operating Temperature

0%RH - 99%RH

Operating Humidity


Bluetooth-enabled Range

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer
Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer

Instant Notification Alerts

Bluetooth-enabled feature allows using the meter on the app at the instant device connection completes. Besides basic functions like turning on or off the meter, calibrating data and viewing readings, what matters most is alert notification.

You will receive alert notification once the temperature or humidity goes out of preset range, making this meter a best choice for the nursery. Moms can take action in time when the room temperature your little one sleep in is too high or low. Keep eyes on your baby 24/7 and protect him from the cold.

Wine Cellar
Wine Cellar

Hassle-free LCD Display

High-resolution LCD screen displays 3-level comfort indicators: dry, comfort and wet. Keep aware of whether your lizard, hedgehog or other cute friends live in an optimal condition with just a quick glance. And make sure you are able to create a comfortable little house for your pet friends.

It offers maximum and minimum records all the time, making it easy to compare the current data to those of the past. ℉/℃ switching puts your using experience at top priority. Govee Thermo-hygrometer is definitely a perfect household device to help you and your family’s living condition healthier.


Humidity < 30%


30% < Humidity < 60%

20°C < Temperature < 26°C


Humidity > 60%

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer

User-friendly Data Storage and Export

20-day local and 2-year cloud data storage enables you to view recent data for any place in your home. A concise curve graph displays clear data-changing records on the app, allowing to track temperature and humidity you care. Valuable cigars, artwork, wine as well as musical instruments do deserve your attention and efforts.

Considering diverse demands users may have, our Govee Thermo-hygrommeter also features data export function. That means you can export latest 2 years records to CSV format at any time.


Local storage


Cloud data storage

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer
Download the Govee Home app from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).
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