Wi-Fi Temperature Humidity SensorPerfectly Compact for Your Tight Spaces
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Small, Durable, & Portable

Being small in size has its advantages for this thermo-hygrometer. For one, it can be stored in places where space is limited without disturbing your valuables. Place it in your wine coolers or guitar cases without having to remove it for months. Have expensive plants that require sealed containment? Use the smart thermometer inside your terrarium and obtain important temperature and humidity information via the Govee Home app.

Remote Wi-Fi Monitoring

Too much moisture in your humidors can cause your cigars to become damp and difficult to smoke. With a stable Wi-Fi connection and the Govee Home app, you can monitor humidity on the go to prevent situations like this from occurring. You can also respond to various alerts or make necessary household adjustments from your office or during your morning commute.

Higher Accuracy You Can Trust

Thanks to a Swiss-made SHT-C3 advanced sensor, temperature and humidity readings are accurate to 0.54°F and ±3%RH, respectively. This helps tremendously in monitoring humidity inside incubators. Even in still-air incubators, humidity that is too low or too high could lead to early or late hatches. Prevent this by being able to identify trends, obtain valuable information in 10s or less, and maintain high air quality.

Instant Notifications

With the Govee Home app, you can create preset temperature and humidity levels. If the temp/humidity falls out of this range, you'll receive a notification instantly, no matter where you are. With rapid alerts and historical graph trends, you can react in advance to sudden air changes in your reptile tanks or cigar cases. Monitor your air quality where it matters most!

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±0.3°C (±0.54°F)
Temperature Accuracy
-20 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Working Temperature
30m/49ft (no obstructions)
App Control Range
50m/164ft (no obstructions)
Wi-Fi-Enabled Range
Humidity Accuracy
Working Humidity
Data Refresh Speed
3× AA Batteries (included)
Power Supply
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